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  • I've just been hanging out doing nothing, but. Alert reader Mark Turner (email protected) kindly provided the earliest solid citation I have so far, for any variant: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture - free shemale cumshot compilations it's a really stupid thing to want." -Elvis Costello,.
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  • 'This is the stuff I like and what's important to me in other words- real estate and home ownership as a kind of 3D personal homepage or blog.". "Overall I told the reporter, "I'd have to say most Residents don't use their homes as 'homes in the sense that it's not where they sleep or spend their free time (since being in SL is their free time). And though I'd just written about social conflicts around land sales, going through my old entries, I realized it'd been a long time since I wrote about those three subjects in any kind of thorough way. Part of it has to do with the state of land and development being in flux, due to profound policy changes that will likely affect them.


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